With all the complications that come with a baby, and all of the unknowns, there is one thing that is now certain.  More than ever before, scientists are certain that the most critical period of development of the human brain happens in that first 36 months of life.  Parents have limited control over what happens prior to birth, but from the moment a baby opens its eyes, it is learning.  Its brain is literally being “wired” for the rest of its life, and parents can help.

The Brain Game book was undertaken to take the latest research on early childhood brain development, and put it into the hands of those who need it most:  parents.  This book is not the only resource a parent needs.  But it is an important resource in helping you build that critical piece that can help children read better, learn faster, and be more successful:  A healthy and robust brain.

In this book parents will find useful tips for stimulating their child at every stage of early childhood.  They will find advice and reminders of things that can help keep their home a safer place for a child to grow.  They will find tips on selecting childcare providers.  They will find help in better communicating with their child’s healthcare providers.

And they will find fun – for both them and their child!