Proven, fun ways to help your
baby’s mind grow strong

Developed and recommended by physicians

84-Page Resource Guide

Experts know that what parents do in the first three years can make a big difference in a child’s brain development. The Brain Game is an 84-page resource guide for parents. It gives you specific things you can do to help children reach their full potential!



0-36 Months

Your newborn child’s brain is the most complex biological system in the child’s body. It is like an unprogrammed super-computer. Two major changes take place in the first three years: The brain more than doubles in size, and the “wiring” of the brain is really going into high gear. The first 36 months are absolutely critical to building a healthy brain. Parents and care givers can really help that construction process!


Hands On Activities

Inside the Brain Game are explanations of what’s going on in your baby’s brain during each important segment of the first three years. But more importantly, the book also gives parents specific, hands-on activities to do with the child. Talking to your baby, singing to your baby, or playing music for baby to hear.




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